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new.gif (26402 bytes)Sackett tremors threaten EPA Clean Water regs; New bill protects landowners from EPA action; The Defense of Environment and Property Act, HR 4304; Supremes: EPA Actions "outrageous" Argument comes in dispute over agency threats to Idaho family; Historic Supreme Court ruling allows the Sacketts to fight EPA takeover of their land; Supreme Court Unanimously Allows Idaho Couple To Fight EPA ; Supreme Court ruling bolsters property rights; Supreme Court backs landowners in EPA clean water case; Supreme Court rules against feds! Takes stinging power away from Obama's EPA The Environmental Protection Agency cannot issue a “drive-by” decision that a parcel of land is a protected wetlands and prohibit the owner from using it, and then refuse to hear any challenges to such decisions. Supremes: EPA Actions "outrageous" Argument comes in dispute over agency threats to Idaho family ; Supreme Court to Rule Monday on EPA Water Policy; Supremes Question EPA Supremacy ; Big government hijacks Clean Water Act Army Corps and EPA regulations attempt to expand the Corps and EPA’s jurisdiction by redefining what a “water of the United States” (WOTUS) is. It uses broad terminology to determine whether a water is a “tributary,” essentially allowing every ditch or conveyance to qualify and fall under federal regulatory authority, it defines “traditional navigable waters” as any water that supports one-time recreational use. Barrasso-Heller amendment would do two things. First, it would prohibit the Corps from finalizing the guidance. Second, it would prohibit the Corps from promulgating a rulemaking redefining WOTUS. Comments on the proposed definition change:; National Assoc. of Home Builders, et al. v. EPA, et al.

new.gif (26402 bytes)Judge stops logging over Clean Water Act concerns A federal judge has blocked a Montana logging project partly because the U.S. Forest Service didn't properly disclose that it may need to obtain Clean Water Act permits for logging roads in the area

new.gif (26402 bytes)Obama proposes broadening EPA's power over water

Feds issue guidelines for protecting waterways

Obama administration issues draft clean water guidelines

Obama administration proposes broadening EPA’s power to protect waterways from pollution

EPA Guidance Seeks to Clarify Reach of Clean Water Act

The Obama Administration released a national Clean Water Framework on April 27, 2011, that affirms its comprehensive commitment to protecting the health of America's waters. The framework recognizes the importance of clean water and healthy watersheds to our economy, environment and communities, and emphasizes the importance of partnerships and coordination with states, local communities, stakeholders, and the public to protect public health and water quality, and promote the nation’s energy and economic security.

This draft guidance will be open for 60 days of public comment to allow the public and stakeholders to provide input and feedback before it is finalized. Regulations.gov

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Federal Clean Water Act (Digest); Federal Water Pollution Control Act - TITLE 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters - CHAPTER 26—Water Pollution Prevention and Control [As Amended Through Pub.L. 110-288, July 29, 2008] (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.)

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)CA Porter Cologne Water Quality Control Act; Ceres version

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)CA Code of Regulations; CA Water Code ; Title 23 Water ; Title 27 Environmental Protection

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (NCRWQCB) Region 1

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)CA State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)CA Environmental Protection Agency

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Federal Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) Region 9

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Scott River TMDL

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Shasta River TMDL

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Salmon River TMDL

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Klamath River TMDL

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Blue Green Algae

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Articles/Reports

image075.jpg (1080 bytes)Living Rivers Council v. State Water Resources Control Board Alameda County Superior Court Case No.: RG-10-543923, filed October 27,2010




Siskiyou County Water Conservation and Flood Control District

CA Water Code 5900-5901; Klamath River Basin Compact;or here  Appendix B - Siskiyou County Water Conservation and Flood Control District Boundaries: "All of that territory of the County of Siskiyou lying within the exterior boundaries thereof, exclusive of the area in Siskiyou County within the Upper Klamath River Basin, as delineated on the Official Map of the Upper Klamath River Basin approved September 6, 1956, and made a part of the Klamath River Basin compact between the States of Oregon and California, ratified by said states on April 17, 1957."

 "(r) To control flood and storm waters within the district and the flood and storm waters or streams outside the district, which flow into the district; to conserve such waters by storage in surface reservoirs, to divert and transport such waters for beneficial uses within the district; to release such waters from surface reservoirs to replenish and augment the supply of water in natural underground reservoirs and otherwise to reduce the waste of water and to protect life and property from floods within the district; to commence, maintain, intervene in, defend or compromise, in the name of the district, on behalf of the landowners therein, or otherwise to assume the cost and expenses of any action or proceeding involving or affecting the ownership or use of waters or water rights within or without the district, used or useful for any purpose of the district or of the common benefit of any land situated therein, or involving the wasteful use of water therein; to commence, maintain, intervene in, defend and compromise and to assume the cost and expenses of any and all actions or proceedings now or hereafter begun; to prevent interference with or diminution of, or to declare the rights in natural flow of any stream or surface or subterranean supply of waters used or useful for any purpose of the district or of common benefit of the lands within the district or to its inhabitants; to prevent unlawful exportation of water from said district; to prevent contamination, pollution or otherwise rendering unfit for beneficial use the surface or subsurface water used or useful in said district, and to commence, maintain and defend actions and proceedings to prevent any such interference with   the aforesaid waters as may endanger or damage the inhabitants, lands, or use of water in, or flowing into, the district provided, however, that said district shall not have power to intervene or take part in or to pay the costs or expenses of actions or controversies between the owners of lands or water rights which do not affect the interests of the district."

In addition, there is a reserved storage right of 60,000 acre feet per year in Iron Gate Reservoir to serve irrigation and other consumptive uses in the Shasta Valley. 


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