January 2012 unemployment is currently 18.6% 



Latest Census data USA Counties; New Stats from the Census Bureau on Income Inequality, Mobility, and County Figures

new.gif (26402 bytes)Headwaters Economics - Siskiyou Region report 2010

new.gif (26402 bytes)ERS: Rural Income, Poverty, and Welfare: Poverty Geography

new.gif (26402 bytes)New website with information on Siskiyou County (TFFF)

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new.gif (26402 bytes)AskCHIS California Health Interview Survey is a tool that allows you to quickly search for health statistics on your county, region and state


New census data (per CSAC)

Siskiyou County		44,900		1.4%
Dorris city		939		6.0%
Dunsmuir city		1,650		-14.2%
Etna city		737		-5.6%
Fort Jones city		839		27.1%
Montague city		1,443		-0.9%
Mount Shasta city	3,394		-6.3%
Tulelake city		1,010		-1.0%
Weed city		2,967		-0.4%
Yreka city		7,765		6.5%

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Assessment Tax Base

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)AP Economic Stress Index: Measuring financial strain across the US

15 of 20 Most Economically Stressed Counties are in the Golden State (Siskiyou County is 14th nationally)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Jobs, Economic Development and Sustainable Communities Strategizing Policy Needs and Program Delivery for Rural California

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Lt. Gov. Newsom Reveals Economic Development Plan;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Northwest Forest Plan - the First Ten Years (1994-2003) Socio-economic monitoring of the Klamath National Forest and Three Local Communities (Cumulative effects)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Excerpts Fruit Growers EIS social and economic impacts Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Authorization for Incidental Take and Implementation of Fruit Growers Supply Company's Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Assessing the Viability and Adaptability of Forest-Dependent Communities in the United States (USDA Haynes)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Child Care Planning Council Needs Assessment 2010

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Health Rankings

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Economic Impacts of 2001 Klamath Project Water Allocation - OSU

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Forest Management Impacts (Large file - power pt.)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Forest Economics Research at the Pacific Northwest Research Station, to 2000

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Well-being Assement of Communities in the Klamath Region (Prep. for USFS)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Poverty and Employment in Timber-Dependent Counties Peter Berck, Christopher Costello, Louise Fortmann, and Sandra Hoffmann

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Suction Dredge Economic Impact; 07/22/2009 Economic Impact of Suction Gold Dredging in California is Over $52 Million Per Year ; Excerpts DEIR

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) The Impact of First 5 in California’s Northwest Region

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Northwest Economic Adjustment (Weed)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Indicators of Alcohol and Other Drug Risk and Consequences for California Counties - Siskiyou Co 2007

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Federal Forest Reserve Apportionments (Timber Receipts) for Ssikiyou County; Road Dept. Budget Worksheet

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Health Rankings (County Health Rankings)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California’s Forest Products Industry: A Descriptive Analysis

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Mines and minerals Pages

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County: A Profile of Poverty, Hunger & Food Assistance

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Crime in Siskiyou County (PPT)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) A Review of Intimate Partner Violence in Siskiyou County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Public Law 280 and Law Enforcement in Indian Country—Research Priorities

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2009 Siskiyou County Economic Forecast (DOT); (2008) (2007) (2005)(2004) (2002)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 1999 Siskiyou Co. Cal Works Plan ; 2007 Addendum

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County to County Commuting

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Housing Element (see Appendix A- starts at pg 42)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) FY 2010/11 Budget - Dept. Economic Impact, Program Stats and Data, Child Welfare Plan (Excerpts) Human Svcs 2010-11 stats.pdf

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Peace on the River? Social-Ecological Restoration and Large Dam Removal in the Klamath Basin, USA - Gosnell , Kelly

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Draft OMB 2010 report to Congress on the benefits and costs of federal regulations and unfunded mandates on state, local, and tribal entities

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California's Forest Products Industry: A Descriptive Analysis

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Department of Fish and Game Suction Dredge Permitting Program

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Improving Civil Justice in Rural California A Report of The California Commission on Access to Justice September 2010

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms (SBA

Small Business Statutes

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)   U.S. Census Bureau Releases First Set of 5-Year American Community Survey Estimates (2005)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)  CAL Facts: 2011

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) RUPRI California profile

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Jobs, Economic Development and Sustainable Communities
Strategizing Policy Needs and Program Delivery for Rural California

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) The War on Western Jobs;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Economic Development Capacity in Public Lands Communities

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Economic and Employment Impacts of Forest and Watershed Restoration in Oregon

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Mobilizing Human Resources for Watershed Restoration

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Issues in Monitoring the Socioeconomic Effects of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Grant Program

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Ecosystem Restoration as Socioeconomic Development? An Assessment of Possibilities

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)Healthy Communities and Healthy Ecosystems: The Community Development Potential of Ecosystem Restoration Work

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Changes in Overweight and Obesity Among California 5th, 7th, and 9th Graders, 2005-2010; Rates of obesity in children 2005-2010 Siskiyou

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Progressive Unemployment map

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) A Portrait of California A Portrait of California goes beyond the state’s fiscal and budgetary woes to examine the well-being of its people using the American Human Development Index, a measure based on official government data in health, education, and living standards.      "The Central Coast (4.82), Central Sierra (4.67), and Northern California (4.26) regions have well-being scores that fall below those of both California and the country as a whole. If Northern California were a state, it would rank forty-fifth in the country, between Tennessee and Kentucky."

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Income inequality; Americans Staying Put More Than At Any Time Since WWII: Census

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Recalculating Poverty

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)Number of Uninsured Residents Increasing, Report Finds” California Health Line, December 23, 2008, California HealthCare Foundation

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) County Health Status Profiles 2009, California Department of Public Health,

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Community Health Education and Health Workforce Training in Siskiyou County: A Research Report

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Overview of the Uninsured Siskiyou County 2003

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Annual Study Compares Rates of Homicide Victimization for Californians Ages 10 to 24 by County, Race, Ethnicity, Weapon Used, Circumstance, and Location

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) America’s local roads and bridges are in need of funding for maintenance and repair work; Survey;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County's Median Income ranked 47th in the state

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) County Health Rankings (54 out of 56 in healthiness)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Economic Impacts of WildEarth Guardians Litigation on Local Communities

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Dr. Nick Dennis has submitted his report tailoring the INPLAN model on the economic impacts of logging to Siskiyou County:

 grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County, Douglas Co., OR and Skamania Co. WA (spotted owl website),  join forces to conduct an economic study of the cummulative impacts of set asides for the Northern Spotted Owl


grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) New American FactFinder (2010 Census

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Unemployment History Siskiyou County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CDC

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Welfare Statistical Summary

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CAL EDD - Siskiyou County Profile; May 21, 2010 employment spreadsheet comparison; spreadsheet unemployment (1/10) 19.5%; (2/10)19.4%; (3/10) 19.4%; (4/10) 17%; Searchable data back to 1990; Local Area Profile

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) A SocioEconomic Profile Siskiyou County, California (Headwaters Economics)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) From Enterprise Zone Application

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2007 Ag Census - Siskiyou County; UC DavisAgriculture pages;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2007 Agriculture Census; Full tables of census info: summary highlights by county; market value of Ag products; farm production expenses 2002 and 2007; net cash farm income 2002 and 2007; Government payments 2002 and 2007; Income from farm related sources 2002-2007; Inventory Horses ; inventory cattle and calves; vegetables harvested; field crops; Inventory sheep; land in irrigation; harvested cropland by size of farm; land and value in farms; 2002 Agriculture Census; 1997 Agriculture Census; 1992 Agriculture Census; historical years

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Crop Report data 1957-2008

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) US Census Quick Facts; American Fact Finder; US Census; County and City Data Book: 2007 State and County Data Tables; USA Counties; Census 2000 Gateway; Census tract maps; 1990 census; Trend 1990-2000 Siskiyou;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 1998 - 2007 County Business Patterns (NAICS)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) HUD statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) or or

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) PRB: Population Reference Bureau

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) EconData.Net: Your Guide to Regional Economic Data on the Web

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) County to County work flow

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) ies National Center for Education Statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2010 Income Limits Documentation system (HUD) for Siskiyou Co.

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Trends in Unemployment and median Household Income; Education trends for CA counties; Poverty data 1990-2000; 2004 Federal funds rec'd CA Counties; farmland concentration; share of employed in the arts

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Bureau of Economic Analysis- County data: Personal Income; Personal Income percentage change; population; per capita personal income; per capita as a percentage of US; Personal Income can search from 1969-2008;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) BEA Farm Income and Expenses Siskiyou; Can search from 1969-2008 ; Total full time and part time employment by industry ; 2001-2008; 1969-2000; Compensation by industry; 2001-2008; 1998-2000; Average Wage per job ; 1969-2008; BEA Bearfacts

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) FedStats MapStats - County Profile; County level Charts and graphs on Trends 1990-2000 (Census scope)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)1990 Demographic Profile generator

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CDC Wonder (Health statistics)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Historic Census data U. of Virginia (County level) or

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Religion

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Berkeley/Penn Urban & Environmental Modeler's Datakit

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) SSI recipients 2009 by County; SDI by County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) ePodunk Profile for Siskiyou County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Child Abuse statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Elder Abuse statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Arrests 1990; 1991; 1992; 1993; form to structure results; Crimes reported; Adult

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California County Child Data Book 2007

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2008 California County Scorecard on Children's well-being - Siskiyou

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Data Book 2003 on seniors 65 and older (Lassen Modoc Siskiyou and Trinity)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) E-1 City / County Population Estimates January 1, 2009 and 2010

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Population Projections by Race / Ethnicity, Gender and Age for California and Its Counties 2000–2050

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CA Kids Data

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Kids Count Profile Siskiyou;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Annie E. Casey Kids Count Data Center and 2008 data book

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Geographic distribution of VA expenditures 1998

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Children Now County Scorecard

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Child Welfare Dynamic Report Ssystem

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2009 Series California K–12 Public Enrollment and High School Graduate — Projections by County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Historical and Projected State and County Births, 1980-2018, with Actual and Projected Fertility Rates by Mother's Age and Race/Ethnicity, 2000-2018

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Population Totals by Township and Place; Siskiyou 1860-1950

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Historical Census Populations of Places, Towns, and Cities in California, 1850-2000

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Profile

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Gold statistics; CA state minerals

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Free Public Records Directory; Public record finder

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Vital Statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Justia various statistics including primary language and ancestry

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Records Project - Siskiyou Co.

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) (City-Data) Siskiyou Co

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Demographic, Social and Economic Statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)2002 Economic Census Summary Statisticsby 2002 NAICS Siskiyou County, CA; 1997 economic census ; 2007 County Business Patterns (NAICS); Building permits unincorporated Siskiyou; County government; Quarterly Workforce Indicators ; Industry statistics (IRS) ; Male/Female owned ; 1992 Economic Census

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Real Estate Market

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Encyclopedia Siskiyou County; Wiki Visual; White Pages

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Rand California Statistics

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Crimes Reported 2000

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Energy Profile

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Facts Siskiyou County 2006

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) City Populations

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Poverty Rates in California Counties;

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) LMI (Labor Market Information) Income and Poverty level 1999; Personal and per capita income; Taxable sales; economic indicators; Major employers in Siskiyou Co.

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Disability housing Statistics for Del Norte, Lassen, Modoc and Siskiyou Counties, California

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Cancer cases per County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Criminal Statistics CA Attny. Gen.

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County 2009 Sentencing data ; for California

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Population

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) USDA Economic Research: 1990 and 2000 Census Poverty Data; County-Level Unemployment and Median Household Income; Education level; Employment in the Arts; Federal Funds 2006; Measures farmland cropland concentration; Poverty rates

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) National Low Income Housing Burden by Congressional District

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Public Health and Community Development: Population; Age Characteristics; Race/Ethnicity; Household Characteristics; Economic Characteristics; Special Needs; Housing Characteristics; Housing Costs and Affordability

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Dept of Social Services Research and Development: Child Welfare Services; SIP Outcomes and Accountability; Percentage of population receiving CalWorks 2009; Reports

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Asset Poverty Index - Siskiyou

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Poverty Rates

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) <"North%20County%20medi-cal%20foodstamps.mht">North County Medi-Cal/CMSP/Food Stamps Households by Zip Code as of 04/17/2007

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Some Siskiyou agencies see rise in suicide calls

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) 2005-2006 Maternal and Infant Health Assessment (MIHA) surveys (Mountain Region)

Table A1. Pregnancy Intention, 2005-2006 (Excel)Updated July 2009

Table A3. Folic Acid Use, 2005-2006 (Excel)

Table A5,B2,B3. Medical Home, Prenatal Care, Oral Health, 2005-2006 (Excel)Updated July 2009

Table B1. Smoking and Alcohol Use, 2005-2006 (Excel)

Table C1. Low Birth Weight, Premature, 2005-2006 (Excel)

Table C2. Breastfeeding, 2005-2006 (Excel)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)  Justia

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) GPO Access

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) US Census   ; FedStats

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) United States poverty rates by county 2007-2010

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Life expectancy by county

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Child Food insecurity by County (map)





grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Find ICPSR Data ICPSR offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data; more

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Data Ferrett (Beta version)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) FedStats

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) National Technical Information Service

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Time Series Data Library

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) State of the Nation - Stat USA

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Internet Crossroads - search social science data

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Columbia University Digital Social Sciences Center

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) UCLA Social Science Data Archive

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (Cornell)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Davidson Data Center and Network (DDCN)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes)  Social Science gateways on the Net



grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Economic Development Council

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Public Charities in Siskiyou County

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) First 5 Siskiyou (Children and Families Commission)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou Training & Employment Program,

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Jefferson Economic Development Institute

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou County Substance Abuse Resources Directory (2007)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Siskiyou Community Services Council



grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) THE STATE OF SISKIYOU COUNTY Spring 2010

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) A business owner in Seiad in northern California discusses the local economic impact of the suction dredging ban

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) UC Chico Center for Economic Development

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CEIC (CA Environmental Information Clearinghouse)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CERES (California Environmental Resources Evaluation System)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) Geospatial Data Library

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) GEOfinder

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) LUPIN (Land Use Planning Information Network)

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CEQA

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Watershed Portal

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) California Wetlands Information System

grngrbut.gif (1036 bytes) CalOcean


blu bar.jpg (5806 bytes)


The impact of environmental restrictions, set-asides and land and water management policies


tax base map

Private Land That Has Been Converted
to Public Land or Tribal Trust and
Taken off the County's Tax Roles since 1999

Over the past twenty years, federal and State regulations and actions have significantly impacted the people of Siskiyou. Corresponding economic conditions in Siskiyou County have steadily deteriorated since the first large impact from the Pacific Northwest Forest Plan (northern spotted owl.) Recently, additional regulations for threatened coho salmon have begun to deteriorate the remaining agricultural sector in the county. 

Economic stressors have exacerbated social problems in Siskiyou County:

Recent environmental restrictions, set-asides and land and water management policies during the past twenty years have heavily  impacted the custom and culture of Siskiyou County as documented through its history dating back to the California Gold Rush

Environmental Justice


4.1.5 Environmental Justice (Executive Order 12898)

Executive Order 12898, Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority and Low-Income Populations, as amended, directs federal agencies to develop an Environmental Justice Strategy that identifies and addresses disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of their programs, policies, and activities on minority populations and low-income populations. According to the Council on Environmental Quality’s guidance, agencies should consider the composition of the affected area to determine whether minority populations, low-income populations, or Indian Tribes are present in the area affected by the Proposed Action, and if so, where there may be disproportionately high and adverse environmental effects.



Recent Layoffs (Step)

March – 2011
- Blockbuster Video (Closed) – 7 Employees
- Siskiyou County Adult & Children Services – 2 Employees
- Ms.Lynn’s Tea (Closed) - 3 Employees

May – 2011
- My Favorite Things (Closed) – 3 Employees
- Scott Valley Unified School District – 4 Employees
- Weed/Mt. Shasta Elementary School District – 13     Employees
- College of the Siskiyous – 2 Employees
- Shasta Head Start (Closed) – 5 Employees

June – 2011
- Butteville Union Grammar School – 6 Employees
- Northern Valley Catholic Social Services (NVCSS) – 15 Employees
- County of Siskiyou (Behavorial Health) – 27 Employees
- Tulelake Basin Joint Unified Dist.(Newell Elementary Closed) – 1 Employee
Witsell Manufacturing (Dorris Mill Closed) – 11 Employees

August- 2011
-Yreka Movie Theater (Closed)
-Laundrymat (Closed))


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