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Fire Map of the West

Ridin' Point: 7/01/11 Part 1 Catastrophic Fire Summit; Part 2 7/08/11

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The true story of Smokey Bear

1987 fire spanned 20 miles from Happy Camp to Seiad

photo by Kerry Waddell

new.gif (26402 bytes)Death Of A Forest: Why we Should Care California wildfires also permanently deforested 882,759 acres of public and private land during the seven years covered by this study. Permanently deforested means burned forests that cannot recover naturally due to the lack of seed trees. Trees were planted on only 120,755 acres. As a result, California's forests are disappearing at the rate of 109,000 acres each year, and the greenhouse gases they emitted from wildfires will stay in the atmosphere for centuries.... I also used FCEM to look at the bigger picture by estimating seven years of combustion and post-fir decay emissions from wildfires for the entire state of California. The results show that greenhouse gas emissions were the equivalent of driving 50 million cars for one year. There are only 14 million cars on California's highways. That means they would all have to be taken off the road and locked in a garage for 3 1/2 years to make up for accumulated emissions of just a few years of California's wildfires.
new.gif (26402 bytes)On Jan 23, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on January 23 approved the emergency regulations submitted by the Board of Forestry, which implement the State Responsibility Area (SRA) fees mandated by Assembly Bill 29X (Blumenfield) and are now in effect. The regulations include a charge of $150 per residential structure, with a $35 discount for those located in a local fire protection district. Text of the regulations may be viewed on the Board of Forestry’s website: The Board of Forestry now has 180 days to complete draft permanent regulations and begin the public input process once more before finalizing regulations AB 1506 LaMalfa Coauthors Repeal of Rural Fire Tax eliminates the State Responsibility Area “fee” of up to $150 per habitable structure in rural areas of California. new emergency proposal Armstrong Comment; County Comment; Nielsen Denounces Board Approval Of $150 SRA Fire Tax]

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new.gif (26402 bytes)Forest Service sues state, Otero Co.; Forest Service sues state, Otero Co. (not a dup) ; statement from U.S. Attorney Kenneth J. Gonzales; complaint; Senate Bill 1, click here.

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rdbut.jpg (1118 bytes)California Codes regarding Hose Companies and Community Service Areas (CSAs)

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rdbut.jpg (1118 bytes)Siskiyou County Ordinance: Title 3, Chapter 18 Regarding Community Wildfire Protection Planning

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rdbut.jpg (1118 bytes)(old) National fire Plan

rdbut.jpg (1118 bytes)(new) Wildfire Management Strategy FLAME Act of 2009 (The Federal Land Assistance, Management And Enhancement Act Of 2009)

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rdbut.jpg (1118 bytes)Smoke Perceptions Webinar Available:The FRAMES group compressed and posted the Smoke Perceptions webinar materials. They can be downloaded at the links below:
http://frames.nbii.gov/documents/smoke/webinar_2011-06-28_Introduction.mp3 (8.2 MB audio file)
http://frames.nbii.gov/documents/smoke/webinar_2011-06-28_WildlandFireSmokeMessagingAndPerception.wmv (200 MB video file)
http://frames.nbii.gov/documents/smoke/webinar_2011-06-28_Prologue.mp3 (59.0 MB audio file)
Audio only version of the webinar
http://frames.nbii.gov/documents/smoke/webinar_2011-06-28_Presentation.mp3 (89.9 MB)

There is still much to learn about long-term health effects of last year's fires

Wildland forest fire smoke: health effects and intervention evaluation,Hoopa, California, 1999



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    (includes fuels treatments in connection with wildfire)


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