At The Summit:
Sweet Repose

-Tribute to an Unknown Artist and Homage to Edward Hicks-

Some years ago at the California State Expo, I saw a small diarama by an unknown artist depicting Jesus and Buddha in the woods conversing over a beer. It was for me  the most --indeed the only-- memorable piece in the show. The humor inherent in the piece did not obscure the deeper meaning, that even profound doctrinal differences are superficial contrivances when seen in relation to the commonness of the human condition. That having been said, yeah, it was funny and pretty cool.

Well, I have incorporated that message into this piece, which was originally planned as a jovial homage to Edward Hicks. Penn and his party have departed this picture, but in their place come three travellers, Fritz (Nietzche has joined the party), Bud and Jes. If peace is to endure, it must have a philosophical foundation born of common need. A common love of beer can't hurt, either.