OMC 8 Hp Kicker Installation

I wanted to add a kicker motor on my Outrage 18 mostly for trolling but also as a backup engine.
I chose a 1988 2 Stroke 8 Hp Evinrude with 20" Long Shaft for my purposes.
This kicker also matched my 1985 Evinrude 150 Hp in color and vintage.
This entire setup was also used on a Montauk 17 although the project is not quite completed.
This setup can also be used to install OMC 4 Stroke 8 Hp models from 1997 to 2004.
Any brand of engine will work as long as remote control kits are available if needed or wanted.
Check with your dealer on availability of Remote Control Kits (Throttle & Shift).

I also wanted to be able to steer the kicker motor from the main steering system at the helm.
At first I tried just using the main engine as a rudder. Worked OK but not enough control for my needs.
I looked around for a Stainless Steel tie bar and found the Golden Eye. (now Panther Marine)
Best price found was at Cabela's for $50.00 for the Stainless version.

The kicker is clamped onto the transom and the tie bar connected.
The kicker will eventually be thru bolted to the transom.
I could now steer the boat from the helm with excellent control of the kicker.
After using just the steering system, I found I also wanted to be able to control the throttle and shift from the helm.
So, I decided to purchase the Remote Control Adapter Kit for my engine. Part #431840
At this point I was also using pre-mixed fuel from a 6 gallon plastic portable tank.
(In photos below, you will see I added an OMC Accu-Mix oiling system and removed this tank)

This photo shows the Remote Control Adapter Kit installed on the kicker motor.
Difficult to see in this photo is a Chain and a Lock for the kicker.
The kicker is Chained and Locked to the Lifting Eye.
It always looks suspicious when someone is carrying around bolt cutters at the docks.
Of course, anything can be stollen, including the entire boat.
I have not bolted the kicker on as I am thinking of new power for both engines.
I am not sure what size the new power will be and how they will fit, so I am waiting.
If and when I repower, the kicker will be bolted to the transom and also locked.

Another view of the finished installation at the engines.
The Control Cables are the same length as the main engine, 18 feet.
19 foot cables may be better for the kicker but I already had the 18's.
Note: I did not have to remove my Ski/Lifting Eye.
The engines do not touch in a full right turn but they do touch slightly in a full left turn.
The next step was to change the Single Binnacle at the helm to a Dual Binnacle.

Photo of the original OMC Single Binnacle Control.
This was removed and a larger hole cut to accomodate the Dual Binnacle.

Here the OMC Dual Binnacle is installed.
Notice that there is only 1 trim switch in the Port Control Handle.
I used the original Single handle with the Single switch as I did not need trim on the kicker.
I also did not have to change the Single ignition switch as the kicker has rope start.

As a final touch, because I hate to pre-mix fuel, I added the OMC Accu-Mix oiling system.
This allowed me to run straight fuel from the main fuel tank to the Accu-Mix system.
I was also able to remove the 6 gallon portable tank that I was using previously.
Removing the portable tank with full fuel saved me about 50 pounds at the transom.
To utilize the Accu-Mix system, my kicker required a larger fuel pump listed below.
Of course with a 4 Stroke kicker, you will not need the Accu-Mix system.

The Kicker itself weighs 58.5 pounds plus whatever the Remote Kit weighs which is minimal.
The Accu-Mix system weighs about 3 pounds plus 1.7 quarts of oil.
All in all, very little weight was added to the transom.
The kicker burns about 2 1/2 gallons of fuel for 8 hours of trolling.

The kicker is now very handy and very easy for me to use.
When I want to use the kicker, it is easy to go to the stern and:
1. Lower the kicker
2. Pull the rope to start
3. Return to the helm

When finished using kicker, put the engine control in neutral and go to the stern:
1. Press the RED Kill button on tiller handle
2. Raise the engine
3. Return to the helm

Couldn't be much easier and I don't feel any need for electric start and a second battery.
Your needs may vary.

For those of you interested in an Electric Start kicker, see John Flook's excellent article.
Yamaha T8 with Electric Start and Power Tilt

*Parts Needed
Panther Marine Stainless Steel Motor Link/Steering Kit
A Pair of 18' or 19' OMC Control Cables (Outrage 18)
Approximately 6 feet of fuel line and fuel bulb
OMC Remote Control Adapter Kit, part #431840
OMC Dual Binnacle, part #174584
OMC Accu-Mix System, part #174870
Larger Fuel Pump, part #431945
(My model kicker required a larger fuel pump to utilize the Accu-Mix)
Your parts may vary due to your model of kicker.

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