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Jill and Kathryn announce

A New Book for 2002

Klamath River Bird Finder

by Bob Claypole


Are you a birder who on occasion makes birding trips to the Klamath Basin or the Humboldt County coast of northern California? If so, you won't want to miss out on a middle Klamath River expedition. In fact, this bird-rich river corridor is conveniently located on the route between these two frequently visited areas, in Siskiyou County, CA. Most of the area covered in the book is within the Klamath National Forest.

And what makes the Klamath River such a special birding area? Here there is much overlap between California coastal, Northwest and Great Basin species as well as the chance to see many Neotropicals. Author Bob may be our neighbor but he is also an expert amateur naturalist. He has been observing the local birds and taking detailed notes for over 25 years. Now we are helping him put it all together in The Klamath River Bird Finder which will be published next year. You will find in it everything you need to plan your trip! Such as:  

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