Policy For Gift of Personal Property

1.    The Etna Museum is authorized by the Eschscholtzia Parlor No. 112 of Native Daughters of the Golden to collect, preserve, disseminate and interpret the materials that illustrate the history and development of Scott Valley Area. All title for gifts is conveyed to the Etna Museum.

2.    Museum collections are used for exhibit, research and educational purposes. Acceptable materials include artifacts and other materials of cultural, historical or technological significance pertaining to the history of Scott Valley in Siskiyou County. The Museum reserves the right to determine when and how such material will be used. Because the Museum has a flexible exhibit policy, artifacts on exhibit can be expected to rotate frequently.

3.    Unless otherwise restricted by copyright or by the donor and agreed to by the Museum at the time of acquisition, all literary rights are conveyed to the Etna Museum. The Museum can assume no responsibility for misuse of literary or copyright restrictions by users of unrestricted material beyond normal professional library ethics and standards. Material placed in the Museum is primarily for research, exhibit, and educational purposes.

4.    Gifts to the Etna Museum are considered outright and unrestricted donations to be used in the best interests of the Museum. Usually, accepted gifts are considered extremely important or the best available at the time acquired. However, no individuals or institutions can predict, nor govern the changing attitudes of future generations, nor guarantee permanency beyond the best available preservation procedures.

It is sometimes impractical to evaluate all materials at the time of acquisition. Upon evaluation, some materials may be declared expendable. In addition, certain materials already in existing collections may become expendable by acquisition of better examples. Expendable materials include that which is surplus, duplicate, non-relevant, in a deteriorated condition, or of limited use. Such material will be used in the best interest of the Museum, including but not limited to sale and exchange programs to acquire other needed materials, loans to schools and other institutions, and disposal if the condition or value so warrants. Any material declared expendable must be approved by the person designated by the Etna Museum -- usually the Director/Curator -- and is subject to review by the Officers of the Eschscholtzia Parlor No. 112 of Native Daughters of the Golden.

5.    Donations are generally tax deductible. The Etna Museum however, cannot appraise donations for tax purposes. For the protection of the donor, it is recommended that such appraisals be done by a disinterested third party before title to the materials is conveyed to the Etna Museum.