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in far northwestern California

Yreka, to Happy Camp, to Orleans, CA

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With an emphasis on historical, cultural, recreational & natural resources

State of Jefferson Scenic Byway
Northern portion of the Bigfoot Scenic Byway

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Discover the historical, cultural, natural resources and recreational sites featured in this lovely, wild and remote area of northern California.


Table of Contents:

Introduction/About this Guide
State of Jefferson
Dry Gulch Bridge
Confluence of Shasta & Klamath Rivers
Ash Creek Bridge/Shasta Tribe
Tree of Heaven Campground
Skeahan Bar & Cayuse
Honolulu School/Gottville
Klamath River/Brown Bear
Horse Creek/Scott River
Seiad Valley
Bittenbender & Portuguese Creek
Fort Goff/Savage Rapids
Thompson Creek
Richardson Bedrock Mine
Karuk Tribe of California
Happy Camp
South Fork of Indian Creek Road
Indian Town/Coon Run
West Branch
Grayback Overlook & Summit,
California/Oregon Border
Ferry Point
Independence Bridge/Creek
Coon & Dillon Creek
Ti Bar/Hickox Mine
Somes Bar & Osprey Sites
(Map not to scale)

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