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Rosie Bley and Brian J. Helsaple - June 1998

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Sleeping Bear
Photo courtesy Dave Payne


Pricilla Ainsworth
Merle Anderson
Charlotte & Willie Attebery
Dave Atwood
Josephine Aubrey
Bill Bemis
Bob Bley
Barbara Brown
E. Allan & Olive Brown
Annie Buma
Sue Burcell
Jeanne Burrer
Bob Claypole
Doug Cole
Dean Davis
Tony & Freda DeAvilla
Shirley Fisher
Hazel Davis Gendron
Virginia Head
Gold & Treasure Hunter Magazine
Tony Hacking
Roy & Betty Hall
Bill Heitler
Bob Hemus
Rick Hill
Nida Johnson
Marvin Johnston
Hazel Joyner
The Karuk Tribe of California
Wesley Kyle

Dorothy Lahue
Greg Macdonald
Sherrill Moore
Jerry Mosier
Dwayne Myers
Kathy Nickell
Dave Payne
Dorothy Pence
Don Putnam
James Quinn
Gary Rainey
Jim Rea
Wilverna Reece
Jim Rock
Tammy Ross
Harvey Shinar
Jon Silvus
John & Jean Skeahan
Susan Smith
Jamie Smith
Ernie Spinks
Bill Tripp
Harold Tripp
Jim Waddell
Tom Waddell
Vickie Walden
Edna Watson
Yreka, Happy Camp &
Ukonom Ranger Districts
Siskiyou County Museum


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