Indian Creek Road

Keystone Dam
This dam was located just below Doolittle Bridge.
Photo courtesy Hazel Joyner

Keystone Flume
Fed by Indian Creek & Keytone Dam, this flume was utilized for irrigating Reeves Ranch in Happy Camp.
As shown, locals also used the flume as a path to walk to town.
Photo courtesy Hazel Joyner
  • At least 20 Forest Service roads leave the Scenic Byway off Indian Creek Road. These roads offer access to a variety of natural, historic and recreational areas. Check with the Forest Service or local merchants for current road information.
  • Outplant Site: Turnoff at mile marker 6.7- This forestry research nursery consists of a 40-acre, genetic study site that investigates tree grafting, breeding, pollination, vegetation management and fertilizer trials. Tests are also conducted on mycorrhizal (fungus) associations, insect studies and control and a variety of other factors that could impact the health of our forests. Visitors should continue past the first gated entrance and turn left at the second road.

18. South Fork of Indian Creek Road. #17N32: Mile marker 7.0

  • South Fork was the source of water for the Davis/Van Brunt hydraulic mine in Happy Camp, 12 "ditch" miles away.
  • The Chan Jade mine is located three miles up the road. This unique stone is known as Happy Camp Jade and sometimes has gold embedded inside the opaque, pearly mineral.
  • Between 1983 and 1987, salmon rearing ponds were located here and produced nearly 35,000 fingerlings annually. The fish were fed, monitored and raised to almost a sixth of a pound in weight then released into Indian Creek the end of the hatchery season in fall.

Indian Creek at Buchannan Falls
Photo courtesy Greg Macdonald

19. Indian Town: Mile marker 10.4
& Coon Run: Mile marker 10.8