16. Richardson Bedrock Mine/Reeves Ranch/Ish Kaysh Indian Lands:
Mile marker 43.2

Old road to Happy Camp near Reeves Ranch
Photo courtesy Siskiyou County Museum

Happy Camp is located in the heart of the Karuk Tribe's Ancestral Territory, which extends along the Klamath River from Bluff Creek (near the community of Orleans in Humboldt County) through Siskiyou County and into southern Oregon. Since time immemorial the Karuk, whose name means "upriver people," have resided in small villages along the Klamath River, where they continue such cultural traditions as hunting, gathering, fishing, basket making and ceremonial dances. The Brush Dance, Jump Dance and Pikyavish ceremonies last for several days and are practiced to heal and "fix the world," to pray for plentiful acorns, deer and salmon, and to restore social good will as well as individual good luck.

As a government organization, the Karuk Tribe of California has demonstrated its ability to administer a multitude of social, cultural and economic programs effectively, earning the status of a "self-governance Tribe." The Tribal government currently employs more than 100 people in administrative, child welfare, community/economic development, education, elders, energy assistance, health, housing, human services and natural resources programs. In little more than a decade the Karuk Tribe has developed housing divisions, health clinics and Head Start programs in Orleans, Happy Camp and Yreka, its three major population centers. Through the Tribally-chartered Karuk Community Development Corporation, the Karuk Tribe also has administered salmon fisheries enhancement projects, acquired and expanded a retail business, planned a small manufacturing plant, assisted a number of local people in starting small business enterprises and established a Community Computer Center.

Emma (Grandma) Effman
Basket & Rug Weaver

Photo courtesy Hazel Joyner

Karuk Lidded Trinket Basket

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