29. Somes Bar: Mile marker 0.75

Services: Grocery, camping, RV park, cabin rentals, dining lodge, rafting and fishing guide services, pack trail rides, mountain biking.

Osprey nest between
Somes & Orleans

Photo courtesy Brian Helsaple

Covered Bridge at Somes in 1926
Photo courtesy Hazel Davis Gendron

Osprey Sites:

Along the 180-mile length of the Klamath, many nests can be found that are built on top of sturdy trees overlooking the river. The pioneers regarded the Osprey as a fish crow. Its diet is strictly live or injured fish, mainly the river suckers. The birds arrive in early April. The Osprey fishes constantly, whereas the Bald Eagle is an opportunist, many times diving on the Osprey to steal its catch.

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