Scott Valley Genealogical Group
Monday Genie"
Located in Etna, CA

Local Group for those Interested in doing Family History

Etna Genies is a modernized group of the old Scott Valley Genealogical Group. SVGG began about 1988, yes before the personal computers, with the common interest in preserving family history. We have met on and off through out the years as interest peaked.

We are now a group wanting to work on the same genealogy interests, using the always changing modern technology. Mostly sharing, ideas, methods and different ways to look at the same goals.

The special thing about Etna Genies, is all those interested in genealogy are Welcome! We have no dues, nor do we have officers or a leader. We try to get together just to share ideas, stories, and research news. Energy is rekindled just by having this special sharing time together.

            The Goal is to Enjoy!

Family Hstory

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