Scott Valley Genealogical Group

Located in Etna, CA

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Scott Valley Genealogical Group

Scott Valley Genealogical Group (SVGG) began about 1988 with the common interest in preserving family history. We have met on and off throught the years as interst picks. We focus on finding and sharing research methods and new ideas. Scott Valley is a remote rural area located in Siskiyou County, the most northern county in California. The idea of a place close to home, without extensive travel, was appealing to the members SVGG. Our group is very supportive. We welcome beginners, vintage genealogist, and just anyone who is full of curiosity.

Something very special about SVGG is we do not have dues, nor do we have officers who often feel pressure to run the group. We all work together to supply the needs for SVGG. We try to get together once a month just to share ideas, stories, and research news. Energy is rekindled just by having this special time together. The goal is to Enjoy!

We've struggled to stay up with new technology. By creating this web-site we hope to rise to the challenge of keeping up with the times. It is our intention to have better communication with each other and with the public. In addition we hope this site will improve our research.


  • Fort Jones
  • Greenview
  • Oro Fino
  • Quartz Valley
  • Etna
  • Callahan

This page was created by the effort of Peggy Whipple. When I saw what Susanne Jimenez had done with her page from the COS Web Publishing Class. I wanted very much to do this for SVGG. What a fun and unique way to link us together; after all thatís the background for Genealogy. I took the Spring 2000, COS WEB Publishing Class and this is my project. I feel I have learned a great deal.


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