The River Voice
                                              Statement of Purpose

Welcome Gentle Reader. 

“The River Voice” is a collective attempt to provide an avenue for regional, community expression, that has found no outlet in the current selection of media of Siskiyou and Humboldt Counties. 
            We live in a region rich in the diversity of its natural resources, but thin in its population densities.  This is a double edged sword.  We are blessed with a lot of  “elbow room,” but often ignored or weak in our influence when we are judged solely on our limited population base, rather than the validity of our input.  
            The Salmon and Klamath River communities have seen a need for a “River Voice".  We are a people rich in a variety of talents, and hopefully this publication will reflect that wealth.
            Our goal is to publish a periodical that provides news and a variety of useful information to the communities of the Salmon River and Mid Klamath River.  We hope to present regional issues in a journalistically  factual and ethical manner.  The "River Voice" will hopefully help to define important issues and encompass a wide range of artistic expression from our unique area..
            This initial  effort will feature writers, from the Salmon River; Sawyers Bar, Cecilville and Forks of Salmon and the Klamath River; Somes Bar and Orleans.                                                                       
            We hope as you pick your way through the first issue that you find something in it’s contents that interest, inform or just plain entertain you.
            We look forward to the challenge of presenting our region in a positive and nurturing light.

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