Voices from the Salmon River and Mid-Klamath River Region

     volume I, issue ii                                                                                               summer/fall 2004

 The media bear a heavy responsibility to society.  If they report only on predominantly unhealthy activities and the like, the public would eventually get the impression that humanity was all bad.  The media must also report the good, the acts of gentleness and compassion.
His Holiness the Dali Lama

The River Voice
Statement of Purpose

Introductory Editorial

The Salmon River Fishery                       

The Fish of the Salmon River                         

The State of the Salmon River Fishery
                                     Nat Pennington  

New 49ers Return                                                  Salm Stroich

Klamath River Dams                                 Jim Henderson

Un-damming the Klamath River?              Nat Pennington

Watering the Balance by Not Tipping the Scales                 Petey Brucker

Building a Common Vision                                                 Will Harling

Water Efficiency on The River                                Mark Dupont

School District Unification                                                            Elizabeth H. Hanauer
No Child Left Behind  a small school's look on education          Elizabeth H. Hanauer
The Human Yearning for Community                                Corinne McLaughlin Karuk Recycling Program                                         Angela  Allgier
 “Leave No Junker Behind”                                                          Robert Will
Webstore of Local Arts and Crafts

 Fires and Forest Management, Pt. II      John Salter, Ph.D  
River Towns, Trails and Roads                                                  Sharon Martin
A Talking Salmon River History                  T Creek

From the Mouth of the River                           
            Terry Hanauer
The Hostile Local                                                                               Mac Creek
The Hostile Local, Special Opinion Report                                    Shadow Creek

Off the Grid  System Sizing                                                     Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze
River Cookin'   Recipes from  Salmon River Cooks    
 Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?  Natural History             Tony Hacking
 Orleans/Somes Bar Book Club                                                        Theresa Hacking 
 Salmon River Restoration Council                                             

The Stories in Our Lives     
Waxing Poetic
River Artists
In Memory of...