Genealogical Service
offered by the Members of
the Scott Valley Genealogical Group


      This a service offered by some of the SVGG Members who are willing to do LOOK-UPS on their own time. They are offering this help because of their enjoyment of the hobby and willingness to help out others. Please be reasonable in the number of requests per query.

      We would like the joy of maybe finding something for someone else. This is also a way to repay others who have done research for us and not asked for payment.

Words from a Country song, really said it all:

"You donít owe me a thing, Iíve been there too.
Someone once helped me out, just the way Iím helping you.
If you really want to pay me back, hereís what you can do.
Donít let the Chain of Love, end with you."


All copying and postage will be asked to be reimbursed.

Lookup Material


Fort Jones Cemetery Peggy Whipple
Etna Cemetery Peggy Whipple
Siskiyou Pioneers - 1946 to the Present   publications from the Siskiyou County Historical Society
Please use index before requesting
Peggy Whipple
"The History of Siskiyou County, California" by Harry L. Wells.
Originally published in 1881, this book was reissued by the Siskiyou County Historical Society.
Peggy Whipple
"Saddle Bags in Siskiyou", by J. Roy Jones, published in 1953 Peggy Whipple

webmaster Peggy Whipple

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