5 Amigos at casa hogar ministry baja california, mexico, Vicente Guerrero

Bob, Randy, Scott, Ryan and Casey in Mexico

On June 22, 2009  five of us returned to Vicente Guerrero  to follow up on some of

our previous mission trips there.   There were families that accepted Christ, and others who

were very close to accepting.  We wanted to meet with them and do some follow up.  As well as evangelizing others that God might show us.  There were also plans for a soccer ministry.

soccer ministry baja california, mexico, Vicente Guerrero
Bob and Scott Building bunk beds 5 amigos baja california, mexico, Vicente Guerrero
bed building
bed building ministry

Mexico 2009 Financial Accountability

(Report generated July 25, 2009)



Between June 23 & July 6 2009 our five-member Mexico missionary team (Scott Morgan, Bob Wade, Ryan Horvath, Randy Murieen, and Casey Conner) was in Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico. Our team raised money for the trip by doing odd jobs, through community donations, and our largest fundraiser, the June 20th Mexican dinner/auction at the Scott Bar Community Hall.


The following accounting is to fulfill our commitment to financial accountability/transparency for our Mexico trip. It is also a way to demonstrate our gratefulness for all of those who have expressed their generosity and support towards us. Thank you.


The total amount of support that we raised was $3,969.35.


We started the trip with a goal to build 10 sets of bunk beds for children that did not have them. We actually built 12 sets; 2 of those 12 we commissioned a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to build for us (supplying them with building materials). These 2 sets of bunk beds were built for another drug and rehabilitation center for men who are trying to start a new life. 3 sets of the bunks were placed in the daycare where we were staying and the other 7 sets were placed in homes where little resources were available. Possibly the best example of this was a family of three (father, mother, and son) living in a cardboard house, with all three of them sleeping on the ground. They were extremely grateful for their new sleeping arrangement.


We purchased 31 mattresses. The extra mattresses were used for beds that had already been built but did not yet have mattresses. The cost of the mattresses was $959.54. The additional cost of the bunk beds including lumber, screws, nails, sandpaper, etc. was $883.72.


We donated $300.00 to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where we placed the aforementioned 2 sets of bunk beds. This money was designated for electrical wiring, outlets, switches, fixtures, and other related costs to get the center up and running. We were told by several sources that the drug and alcohol problem in that location is severe. In this particular rehabilitation center they were also going to provide job skill training besides providing the spiritual, psychological, and physical aide necessary for recovery.


Another aspect of our trip involved organizing two soccer tournaments in two separate villages. Prizes for the tournament winners were soccer balls. We purchased 7 balls for prizes totaling $84.00.


Team members; Scott Morgan and Bob Wade did some physical labor at a house being built for a woman who is currently taking care of disadvantaged children. One of the boys she is caring for has a rare skin disease where his skin grows faster than normal creating many life challenges. Before the woman moves into the house with the kids the kitchen and bathroom needs painting so our team decided to donate $300.00 towards paint supplies.


One small cost incurred on the trip was hiring a woman to translate for some of our team members during a visit to a nearby town costing $20.00.


Last year, 2008, while building a house for a needy family we met a local Mexican pastor. We gave him funds for construction materials for his church. He was highly recommended by locals as trustworthy which was confirmed to us on this 2009 trip. After seeing what he and his church members had constructed with last years funds we decided to give him an additional $600.00 for materials to build two roofs. Some of our team members gave personal monies to help construct a third roof.


Our team used a van which we borrowed from the Casa Hogar Daycare where we were staying. We spent $105.00 for van gas during our 14 days in Vicente Guerrero. The daycare primarily takes in children whose mothers are working in the fields during the day. They have a large bus that goes around picking up the children early in the morning and later in the afternoon they return the kids back to their homes. While at the daycare the children are provided breakfast and lunch. Our team would often eat these two meals with the kids and later in the trip decided to give the daycare $300.00 for groceries.


The morning after we arrived in Vicente Guerrero our team went to help some of the daycare workers pour a cement slab for a new house being built for a needy Mexican family. We spent a good chunk of time trying to get the cement mixer engine to run. At the conclusion of our trip our team decided to give some of our remaining money to replace the tired engine on the cement mixer. We also gave the other portion of the remaining money towards the daycare letting us use their van. The total amount for both was $474.00.


The total for all the above expenditures is $4,026.26. Once again our team started with $3,969.35 in our general fund and as promised all the funds raised for this trip went to those in need in Mexico. All of the team’s personal giving was not recorded in this document, only the money that was raised and designated for this particular Mexico trip.


If you have any questions concerning the accounting of this trip you may notify the following team member;


Casey Conner

600 Beaver Creek Road

Klamath River, Ca 96050



Thank you all for your generosity, compassion, and genuine care,