Where to start?  Where does the history of this ministry begin?  If you wanted to get philosophical about it, you could say that it began with God before the beginning of time as he laid out the plan of salvation. (2 Timothy 1:9)


Or you could say that it began with my accepting Jesus as my savior.  If you are interested in that you can read my testimony in the testimonies page.


    But really the Idea to get into a full time ministry came to me in June of 2007.  Our pastor signed up our church to go on a short term missionary trip into Mexico.  I was one of the volunteers.  When we arrived there I got this feeling.  It is hard to describe, kind of like a feeling of accomplishment.  It was like God was patting me on the back and saying, “This is where I want you.”   That was an amazing trip.  An entire family gave their lives to Christ.   The following year I wanted to share this experience with my family.  My wife was unable to go, but after getting permission from all groups involved, I was able to take my then 5 year old son.  I asked him while we were still in Mexico if he would like to come back again on another missionary trip.  His response was “No”.  When asked why, he replied “I don’t want to leave Mexico.”

    God has laid it on my heart that he wants me to be a missionary.  Every time something comes along and I don’t understand how it fits into God’s plan, I pray and ask for understanding.  God has been faithful in giving me understanding in the things that do fit and removing those things that do not fit.  He is clearing the way.  (Sometimes we need help letting go of those things keeping us here)

     When I found out that we, as a church, would not be going back this year my family and I decided to do a short term ministry trip as a family.  We contacted the Scott’s at Welcome Home Out Reach (Casa Hogar).  And they said they would love to have us visit them.  We will be helping them with their day care ministry.

    When Justin found out that we were going back to Mexico in April he started packing his bags.  That was in February.  He is very excited to be going back.

   In the meantime we have been ministering to our neighbors here in Klamath River.  And the pastor of our church has allowed me a couple of minutes during Sunday services to talk to the congregation about Messages and things that God lays on me.  We are also raising funds and support for these ministry trips that you see on the web site.  

     That is how all this started. From one short term mission trip to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico.  I called this ministry the Morgan Family Ministry because my whole family is involved.  Even my 6 year old son will tell you what it takes to get to heaven.