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Day 1,
  After a few delays, I was finally able to leave on Thursday morning.   I made it to Herman and Jeri’s house in
El Segundo at around 10:00 PM.  I’ll be going solo for a few days until the rest of the team shows up next week.  
Vicky, Justin and Christy are staying home this trip.  If all goes as planned, I’ll be in Vicente Guerrero around
7:00 PM tomorrow.
Vicente Guerrero Trip May 31- June ??, 2012

Day 2,
 I left El Segundo this morning and headed for the boarder.  
I waited to get gas until after I was in Mexico and I’m glad
that I did.  The last price that I had to pay in California was
$4.09 per gallon.  The first price that I paid in Mexico was
$2.86 per gallon.  
The drive down the Baja Coast line was pretty nice.
There were some places that made me feel like I hadn’t left the states yet.
Notice the Home Depot and
Walmart signs in the back
Ground.  Burger King was
behind me when I took the
I arrived in Vicente Guerrero at 7:45 pm. And ate Tacos at Smoky Joe’s.  I’m not sure if that
Is the real name or not.  I heard it called that because of all the smoke that is around it.
$3.75 for dinner and I was stuffed.
No, it is not on fire,
That is the way it
always looks.
Day 3,
  I was picked up by an ambulance this morning.  Nothing was wrong,  I was going to be
assisting them with the Baja 500 race.  The language barrier was a big issue.  I was trying to
familiarize my self with what the ambulance had for equipment, but I could not think of the
Spanish equivalents to ask them where the stuff was.   We did have some excitement.  We
coordinated a life flight for a racer that was severely dehydrated.  Several of the racers
were getting dehydrated.   
   Apparently when they were planning out the race course and the day that they would be
racing, they forgot to check the Tide charts.  One person said it was the highest tide of the
year.  Which left part of the track under salt water half way through the race.  At first a couple
racers got stuck which created a road block.  So we rerouted them on an old course through
the nearby town.  This didn’t make the local police very happy and they shut that route down.
We found another route that paralleled the beach and started sending cars on that.  By this
time though the racers were confused with all the conflicting messages they had received and
we had to man a point near the beach for the rest of the night and get them going in the right